Adora Schueller @Adora
11 June, 08:29
US inflation chart. The decline in purchasing power has led to the formation of inflation, making the current cryptocurrency the best investment, and the emergence of artificial intelligence technology has changed its profits, and the profits of cryptocurrency have also risen sharply.
AI quantification is the process of assigning numerical qualitative information using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. It is a more advanced form of data analysis that can help the blockchain crypto market make better decisions and improve the efficiency and stability of electronic returns.
nftchangeslife @nftchangeslife
04 June, 11:44
🤑Purchasing a short video, the buyer goes on a fun journey of bitcoin and litecoin cryptocurrencies! He has a desire to place the video on the platforms he needs and earn more and more!
In the video, the buyer sees a man with a bitcoin coin, whose eyes sparkle with gold coins. Then litecoin appears from the shadows and shines with its white light, as if it wants to win your attention.
#nft #blockchain_crypto #OpenSea_NFT #NFTCollection
Natali Miteva @ethereumsalary
01 May, 11:38
👆Where is the account of the participants of the ethereum blockchain project CryptoHands?

The CryptoHands #blockchainproject participant account IS IN THE ELECTRONIC ALGORITHM of the Ethereum smart contract! Go to #etherscanethereum and check any wallet.

👆The account of the participant of the #cryptohands blockchain project is NOT ON THE SITE. Log into your account with your Ethereum wallet. No passwords or logins.

🙋‍♀️ Learn to read the smart contract as it is the heart of your earnings

#earn_crypto #earn_ethereum
Natali Miteva @ethereumsalary
30 April, 09:04 (E)
🧾A CryptoHands Smart Contract and a 📝Manually Created Earnings Plan! That's all you need to consistently earn unlimited amounts of Ethereum coins.
🔎Download the income plan on my website page
🙋‍♀️My experience on the Internet is more than 15 years. I speak with confidence because a smart contract cannot disappear as it is a computer algorithm.
There is no administration here. Just you, the smart contract, and a hand-generated revenue plan.
Natali Miteva @ethereumsalary
30 April, 01:38 (E)
📝CryptoHands smart contract! The old blockchain formula! This is not MLM! Not trading! Not selling! Not investing! Not ICO programs!
🤚The project was launched in 2019. A year later, the project website became unavailable. The participants dispersed in all directions. And no one decided for themselves to figure out how to read a smart contract.
📝5 points you need to know to keep earning Ethereum without a website
#smart_contract #earn_crypto #earn_ethereum #cryptohands #ethereumsalary #readcontract

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