nftchangeslife @nftchangeslife
04 June, 11:44
🤑Purchasing a short video, the buyer goes on a fun journey of bitcoin and litecoin cryptocurrencies! He has a desire to place the video on the platforms he needs and earn more and more!
In the video, the buyer sees a man with a bitcoin coin, whose eyes sparkle with gold coins. Then litecoin appears from the shadows and shines with its white light, as if it wants to win your attention.
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nftchangeslife @nftchangeslife
04 June, 10:05 (E)
🙋‍♀️Buying a painting depicting life changes can be an important step towards the buyer's self-development.

The painting depicts the experiences of a person who currently feels the limitations of his financial situation and seeks to change his life. Every element of the artwork, such as the store, house, opening hours, puzzles, hourglass, blockchain, NFT, money, palm trees and villa, serves as an inspiration for the buyer.