Natali Miteva @ethereumsalary
17 May, 08:39 (E)
Ethereum BALANCE is zero. You know why?
Because the smart contract transfers ethereum coins from one participant to another participant.
Since the launch of CryptoHands, which has been opened and closed many times, 119687 transactions have been carried out in the smart contract. Despite the technical work of the site at any time, some participants continue to earn ethereum using a smart contract. What can be seen in current transactions.
Natali Miteva @ethereumsalary
09 May, 07:44
In the period from May 10 to May 13, a series will be released on my YouTube channel
Smart contract and a Person!

Dear viewers! After watching a short series, you will take a fresh look at the sources of your various incomes.
Information in the series about how to become a millionaire using only 5 main sections of a smart contract without opening a single risky business on earth and on the Internet.
Start making positive changes in your life right now. Subscribe to the channel. There is no such video on the Internet!
Natali Miteva @ethereumsalary
01 May, 02:08
🙋‍♀️I like to communicate with people of different nationalities.
🙋‍♀️I like to record audio and video for my partner's activities. CryptoHands smart contract Ethereum. Only active partners have unlimited profit here.
🙋‍♀️I like helping my partners sign people. Here, each participant earns money online!

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01 May, 11:51
🔎My dear #Internetaudience ! What do you like most about my profile? I have been working on personal development on the Internet for many years. SEO, creation and promotion of a personal website, YouTube channel.
📝Creating a content plan for working in social networks. Nobody helps me. My environment is people living from paycheck to paycheck, that is, they are not interested in anything in life.
🙋‍♀️Your opinion is important to me!

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Natali Miteva @ethereumsalary
01 May, 11:38
👆Where is the account of the participants of the ethereum blockchain project CryptoHands?

The CryptoHands #blockchainproject participant account IS IN THE ELECTRONIC ALGORITHM of the Ethereum smart contract! Go to #etherscanethereum and check any wallet.

👆The account of the participant of the #cryptohands blockchain project is NOT ON THE SITE. Log into your account with your Ethereum wallet. No passwords or logins.

🙋‍♀️ Learn to read the smart contract as it is the heart of your earnings

#earn_crypto #earn_ethereum
Natali Miteva @ethereumsalary
01 May, 09:16
🙆‍♀️They say that only participants who are higher in the structure earn. NO! Cryptohands!!! This is not MLM! It's a smart contract!
Every #active_partner who invites only three participants earns here. Thus, the structures are filled and all partners automatically earn.

🙋‍♀️Everyone will have active partners if they take my speed dial advice.
Since I only need 3 partners, the smart contract distributes the rest of the people who register according to my data to the structures of my participants.

#earn_ethereum #cryptohands #earn_crypto
Natali Miteva @ethereumsalary
01 May, 09:02
I'm interested in the future because I'm going to spend the rest of my life in it!

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#motivation_life #wind_change #interested_future
Natali Miteva @ethereumsalary
01 May, 08:56
📝Registering #cryptohands via the website or smart contract📝

CryptoHands! You can register using your #Ethereum_wallet . To do this, click the "Login" button and click "Automatically". If the site shows an error "Error", then it is still in development version 2.0.

💸Because we know that the heart of CryptoHands income is the #smart_contract .
The site displays only information taken from the smart contract.
The beautiful cover of the CryptoHands site will not bring money!

#earn_crypto #earn_ethereum
Natali Miteva @ethereumsalary
01 May, 08:32 (E)
📅Day after day! Saturday to Saturday! Results of the day!📅

Every evening, whether it’s a work day or a weekend, I take stock of what I’ve done today to complete my #content_plan .

What am I doing tomorrow? Yes, we are working — there is #no_time .
📅We live from Saturday to Saturday, from holiday to holiday, while drinking beer all year round.

🏠We sit at home — household chores, laundry, cleaning, cooking. People who don't have the desire to #change_your_life never have the time.
⏳Believe me, everyone has free time!

#change_in_life #day_after_day
Natali Miteva @ethereumsalary
30 April, 09:04 (E)
🧾A CryptoHands Smart Contract and a 📝Manually Created Earnings Plan! That's all you need to consistently earn unlimited amounts of Ethereum coins.
🔎Download the income plan on my website page
🙋‍♀️My experience on the Internet is more than 15 years. I speak with confidence because a smart contract cannot disappear as it is a computer algorithm.
There is no administration here. Just you, the smart contract, and a hand-generated revenue plan.
Natali Miteva @ethereumsalary
30 April, 01:38 (E)
📝CryptoHands smart contract! The old blockchain formula! This is not MLM! Not trading! Not selling! Not investing! Not ICO programs!
🤚The project was launched in 2019. A year later, the project website became unavailable. The participants dispersed in all directions. And no one decided for themselves to figure out how to read a smart contract.
📝5 points you need to know to keep earning Ethereum without a website
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