About Crypto Newspin

The short word is that crypto Newspin wants to become the twitter of the crypto world. Here is the long word...

Crypto Newspin is a very new social network which came to life in the autumn of 2022. Besides offering full standard social networking features and functions, Crypto Newspin will set out to become a unique social network dedicated to cryptocurrency world.

In the large habitat of social media where we have hundreds of social networks of any sort, yet another new social network may seem needless at first sight. But the reality tells us other things.

Perhaps the biggest and most important change is that the social networking habitat is shifting and becoming fragmented rapidly. Almost everyone on the planet knows about giants like facebook, instagram or twitter, but few people know about the fact that there are hundreds of other social networks currently operating with a membership ranging from a few thousands to a few hundred millions.

They all have a reason to exist. So does Crypto Newspin. We will do our best to become widespread, secure and respectable social media platform for crypto community.

Join the platform, share your crypto related content and interact with like-minded people.